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Hello everyone!

In this newsletter, I would like to show you how to tape your handlebars after installing the Italian Road Bike Mirror, or without the mirror using a bar plug.  Bar tape is an often overlooked part of your bike and simply replacing it on a regular basis will keep your grip on the bar secure and more comfortable.  It will also make your bike look like new again.

If you're installing  the Italian Road Bike Mirror it's easily done by sliding the rubber flaps of the mirror over the end of the handlebar.  Then you just align it so that the horizon behind you bisects the middle of the mirror glass.  Have a couple of pieces of electrical tape handy so that once you find the right position, you can tape the flaps in place.  Also see the Mirror Mounting Instructions.  Then just thoroughly wrap the mirror flaps with electrical tape to secure the mount in place as you can see in the picture below.  If you're not installing the mirror, of course skip this step.

As you can see, a thorough taping of the mirror mount onto the handlebar will hold it securely in place and you shouldn't have to move it again.


Start by cutting the starting end of your bar tape at a 45 angle about 4-5 inches up the tape.   If you're not installing the mirror, your angle cut need  only be about 3 to 4 inches long.


Cutting the tape at an angle, as shown above, lets the tape sit flush with the ridge of the mirror mount.   If you're not installing the mirror, here's an important tip: Trim the bar tape with a sharp utility blade (careful!) so that the end of the bar tape is exactly even with the end of your handlebar.  Then install the bar plug.  This is a different method than tucking in some bar tape into the handlebar, then installing a bar plug.  But this method finishes with a nice, clean, professional look.
The angled cut in the tape causes the end to rest flush with the mount (or bar end without mirror).


Another benefit of the angled cut in the tape at the start is that it directs the tape at the correct angle to wrap the rest of your handlebar.


Use an extra piece of bar tape to cover the brake lever clamp on your handlebar. 


With the brake clamp covered, it will be easier to wrap the bar tape around the brake hood and clamp. 


Wrapping the bar tape around the brake hood is probably the most difficult part of the taping job.  The extra piece of tape around the clamp covers the area behind the brake hood.


If the bar tape is stretched tightly around the handlebars, you should have plenty of extra tape at the end of the wrap.


Just like the beginning, cut the finishing end of the bar tape at a 45 3-4 inches up the tape.


Since the handlebar near the stem is not as thick as the mount of the Italian Road Bike Mirror, you won't have to make the angled cut as long as the start.  If you're not installing the mirror, the angled cut need only be about 3 inches long.


The angled cut in the tape makes for a clean and even finish at the end of the tape.


Use more electrical tape at the end of the bar wrap to finish the job.  Or, use the decorative tape that comes with many bar tape kits.


The finished look with the Italian Road Bike Mirror at the end.  There should not be any open exposed spaces on the handlebar.


To finish the tape job, you can either leave the tape alone at the mirror mount or you can tape over the end with more electrical tape like in the picture here.  Either way, the bar tape should stay securely in place on the mirror mount.  If you find your bar tape isn't staying in place at the bar end, and you'd rather not use electrical tape, try using a waterproof adhesive such as contact cement to secure the end of the tape to itself. 

Now you're ready to ride with the safety of the Italian Road Bike Mirror and the comfort and great look of new bar tape. 


You can reach me at customerservice@avt.bike