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  Chris King® GripNut™ and 2Nut™ Headsets - by John Kellison    - -  --  
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Hello everyone!

Quite often, I am asked by our customers interested in buying a Chris King threaded headset, “What’s the difference between the Chris King GripNut and 2Nut headsets?” This is a good question and one that I’m always happy to answer.



To determine whether to buy a GripNut or a 2Nut threaded headset basically comes down to the length of the fork steerer. If the fork steerer is already cut down and only protrudes 11-14mm above the bearing cap or if you plan on cutting down the steerer so that it's only 11-14mm above the bearing cap, the GripNut headset would be the better choice for you. The adjusting ring and top lock nut are essentially one piece and this unique design incorporates a threaded collet that firmly clamps the fork threads for unparalleled holding power. This design is also ideal for heavy touring loads, forks with damaged or undersized threads, and forks that have been cut too short. It also makes for a nice clean look where the quill stem and the top of the headset interface. The GripNut does not allow for the use of spacers or cable hangers.


The Chris King 2Nut headset is perfect if you are planning on using headset spacers or cable hangers for your brake system in the headset stack.  The 2Nut is also the best choice if you have a fork with a threaded steerer that extends above the bearing cap 15mm or more and you're not sure how much steerer you want to cut off

The 2Nut has a traditional two piece adjusting ring and top lock nut that enables you to install headset spacers between the adjusting nut and the top lock nut. This allows you to leave the steerer at a longer length to accommodate a better fit between you and the stem and handlebar.

The early reputation of Chris King was established by the development of the traditional 2Nut threaded headset. Not to be overshadowed by the arrival of the GripNut headset in the Chris King line, the 2Nut is still the favorite headset of many cyclocrossers around the world who may require headset spacers or a cable hanger for their center-pull brake systems. Whichever of these headsets you choose for your bicycle's setup, Chris King gives you the confidence that you're installing a headset that you won't have to worry about for years down the long and winding bike path. Conversion kits for both the GripNut and 2Nut are available and make it affordable for you to convert your current Chris King headset cups to a unique threaded attachment style or to the traditional lock and adjusting nut style.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email.   

You can reach me at customerservice@avt.bike



See Chris King Headsets Here 



Pros: The GripNut uses an internal locking collar and once installed properly, it will never come loose.

Cons: The steerer tube must be cut to a specific length to accommodate the GripNut.  Nothing can be included in the headset stack.

* * *


Pros: The 2Nut works in most every configuration. No need to cut down the steerer tube unless you want to.  You can include cable hangers and spacers in the headset stack.

Cons: The 2Nut uses a conventional locking method,  While still very good, it doesn't have the "absolutely will never loosen" feature like the GripNut.


GripNut™ and 2Nut™ are trademarks of King Cycle Group.

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