Customer Bike Gallery

  Andy- Limburg
  andy Limburg Belgium bike
  AVT Customer Bike Gallery customer's bike - Chikashi, Belgium

So far, it's been to 5 countries featuring the Italian and French Alps, Italian gravel and Belgian cobbles.

  Erwin- Antwerp

Erwin is using a
Chris King MTB Bottom Bracket...

...and a Chris King NoThreadset headset on his ride



  AVT.Bike Customer bike-Frank, Belgium

Foes Fly 2010
This was my first Dh bike. Via a friend that nows the owner of the company (BRENT Foes). So they built me a frame and the upside down fork and the only one in the world cornutt air schock with the blue valve. i like the bike very much. it's have 26 inch wheels on it. ( is 27.5 better now?)And 10 years ago foes has already a 30mm front axel in the front.

  AVT.Bike Customer bike-Frank, Belgium