Customer Bike Gallery

  Bjorn- Oslo

Bjorn is using a
White Single-Speed Chainring

and a White Single-Speed Crankset


Here's a great choice of a
Chris King Front ISO disc hub...

and a Chris King Rear
Single-Speed ISO Disc Hub

  Espen- Trondheim
  Hans- Oslo
  Karl- Larvik, Vestfold
  Kjetil- Drammen

Kjetil is using...

Easton Monkeylite XC bars

  Ola- Oslo
  Rune- Oslo

Rune's Lynskey is sporting a
Chris King Ti NoThreadset™ stay true to his Lynskey's Ti set up!

  Sigbjørn- Gjøvik, Hunndalen
  Torstein- Oslo
  Torstein converted this Chris King™ Single Speed hub into a 150mm hub!
He did a completely professional job too.  Don't try this at home.  :-)