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Italian Road Bike Mirror - Outlet Special

Italian Road Bike Mirror - Outlet Special

Quantity in Your Cart: None
Buy It Now: $24.95 USD

In Stock - Ships the same or next business day
This item ships worldwide

This item is in our Outlet because it is a closeout or discontinued item. 
It is in brand new condition with full manufacturer's warranty.


The OUTLET Italian Road Bike Mirror™ 
Made In Italy


These mirrors may have very small scratches, chips or both.

The OUTLET Italian Road Bike Mirror, showing examples of flaws.

These AVT Outlet Mirrors are brand new, but the hand-cut glass came from the factory with a small scratch, chip, or both. These blemishes are usually nearly invisible on the bike
and the slight blemishes make them a great deal!

Here is more information and
the link to un-blemished
Italian Road Bike Mirrors:

The only mirror you'll be proud to have on your road bicycle.
 Designed and built by an Italian National Road Racing Champion

See a video of
the Italian Road Bike Mirror
in use

Save yourself a ton of lookbacks with this sleek Italian mirror.

This package includes: 1 mirror, mount on either side
(traffic side recommended.)
Bar tape not included.

The Italian Road Bike Mirror carries a Two Year Warranty
A prized bicycle accessory in Italy since 1996

Whether or not you've used a mirror before, you'll find The Italian Road Bike Mirror™ to be much more than a typical bicycle mirror.

These mirrors are made of highly scratch resistant optical quality glass that displays a clear, sharp image that could never be matched by any kind of plastic.  Even in this age of mass production, each mirror is hand cut from a large piece of convex glass.  Then the edge of each and every mirror is beveled, again by hand, followed by a thorough inspection. And yes, they truly are made in Italy.

The housing, also made in Italy, is made of a special aerospace grade rubber compound, not plastic.  Yet the complete bicycle mirror, housing and all, weighs only 54 grams.

We're really picky about quality.  Before discovering The Italian Road Bike Mirror™, we tried many other bicycle mirrors.  We tried clamp on, clip on, strap on, you name it, even bending and twisting the mounting brackets on other mirrors in an attempt to get them to work.  This is the only mirror that really worked without looking stupid, coming out of position, or vibrating.   There's one mirror being sold these days that looks similar at first glance, but it's made completely of plastic and sticks out much further than The Italian Road Bike Mirror™.  Considering the money you spent on your bike, only a quality component will do.  Here at AVT, we don't want any junk on our bikes, and we're pretty sure you don't want any junk on yours either.
The Italian Road Bike Mirror - Actual Rider View on the bicycle
Actual Rider View
The Italian Road Bike Mirror doesn't stick out and becomes part of your bicycle handlebar.


This road bike specific mirror is great to keep an eye on traffic, or your competition...

  • Special road bike specific convex mirror design
  • Optical quality glass mirror, not plastic
  • Clean classic Italian styling
  • Doesn't vibrate like mirrors that stick out
  • Stays in position... this is important!
  • No front blind spot like helmet mirrors
  • Replaces helmet mirrors and eliminates Helmet Mirror Problems
  • Only 54 grams complete
  • Aerodynamic and barely visible from the front and side, and just big enough to do the job
  • Very cool and stealth! 
  • Backed by a 2 year quality guarantee and a money back satisfaction guarantee

 ...and because of the specially shaped optical quality glass, it really works


Rear View:
Barely noticeable from the front or rear because it doesn't stick out. It becomes part of your handlebar
This mirror was invented and is made in a little Italian village by a gentleman named Mario (his real name).  Mario first produced these bicycle mirrors in 1996.  Since then, they have become hugely popular, especially in Italy.  Although he was born in the 1930's, he still rides 12,000 kilometers per year.  In his younger days, Mario won many races in Italy, including the Italian National Championship.  Only a dedicated road cyclist could design a mirror like this.  We thank him for his wonderful mirror, and We think you will too.

Everyday Riding, Commuting, and Training
Thousands of Italian Road Bike Mirrors are now in use all over the world for all types of riding.  Its nice to know when cars are passing you safely, instead of just being at their mercy.  It's also easy to tell when you can take the whole road, and when you can't, without looking over your shoulder all the time.  When stopped at a light, it's nice to know that the car behind is really going to stop.  We've heard many times from cyclists that after using this mirror, they never want to ride without it.

Having this mirror on your road bike is similar to using a gear position indicator.  It's an instrument that provides you with a convenient way to get important information without having to drastically change your forward attention, such as physically looking at your gears or turning around to see what or who is behind you.

Training and Racing
Racers find that The Italian Road Bike Mirror™ gives them a definite tactical advantage, especially in criteriums where there's not a whole lot of time to be physically turning around.  They're great in road races too, giving you lots of advance notice that competition is coming.  When another cyclist tries to close a gap from behind, you'll know they're coming in plenty of time to do something about it.  Because The Italian Road Bike Mirror™ is inconspicuous, you won't give up your strategic advantage by having some big mirror hanging off your race bike, or by looking over your shoulder.  Knowing when there's no one behind you is also really helpful so you can rest up for your next attack.  It's quite an advantage to know when your competition is there, without them knowing that you know.

If you have any questions as to whether this mirror can be used in a particular race, please check with the race officials.

The Italian Road Bike Mirror™ is as easy to install as bar tape.  When looking at the instructions, you'll see that this mirror is installed over your handlebar, not sticking out from it.  Here are the Italian Road Bike Mirror installation instructions.  The Flexi-Mount flaps are rubbery and flexible, allowing you to flex them in whatever position is needed for the best view.

The Italian Road Bike Mirror - Flexible mounting makes it easy to adjust.
Flexi-Mount makes adjustments easy

The Italian Road Bike Mirror™ continues to get positive feedback from the riders who know best, the ones who've bought it and use it.  It looks cool too... when you ride with this mirror, you're likely to hear "cool mirror"!

This mirror has quite a following too, and is highly recommended to friends.  We even have some entire groups and teams who've purchased them for the whole gang.

Weight: 54 grams, mirror & housing complete
Mirror Material: Hand cut, optical quality glass
Mirror Shape: Convex, ovalized
Mirror Height: 53mm (2.09 inches)
Mirror Width: 33mm (1.30 inches)

Best regards and happy riding!

The Customer Service Team AVT
The Customer Service Team AVT


 AVT is the exclusive importer of The Italian Road Bike Mirror™.
The Italian Road Bike Mirror™ is a trademark of AVT.






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