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King Cage Titanium Water Bottle Cage and Ti Cage Bolt Combo
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King Cage Titanium Water Bottle Cage and Ti Cage Bolt Combo

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Buy It Now: $62.50 USD

King Cage Titanium Bottle Cage/Ti Bolt Combo

King Cage Classic Titanium Bottle Cage/Ti Bolt Combo

We've sold so many of these bike cages and ti bolts over the years, it was just time to offer them as a package deal...and at a savings to you!!

King Titanium
Water Bottle Cages
Water Bottle Cage Bolts

King Classic Titanium Water Bottle Cage
Learn more about the King Cage Titanium water bottle cage

Titanium water bottle cage bolts
Learn more about these Titanium water bottle cage bolts

The King water bottle cage is legendary.  Hand made in the U.S.A., there's no other cage like it.

These cages have a classic design, hold water bottles securely, and are very durable.  They won't mark up your water bottles either. 

Great also for headlamp batteries, under-tube mounting locations, and for Triathletes who need cages mounted behind the saddle.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Like the best spokes, these water bottle cage bolts have precision cut threads.  They are designed to fit most bikes and water bottle cages.  They are made from aerospace grade Titanium selected from the manufacturer's prime production run.

If you want to do something really cool for your bicycle, remove your standard bottle cage bolts and replace them with these Titanium bolts.

Yes... for a bolt, they are a bit on the expensive side.  But for that favorite bike of yours, it's definitely worth it.

Have a great biking season, and happy riding!

The customer service team at AVT signatures

The Customer Service Team at AVT

Please Note:  King cages are made byAndrews Designworks, not to be confused with Chris King® Precision Components.

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