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January 22, 2019 1 min read

Chris King titanium headsets are in a category of their own.  Given Chris King's already legendary durability, these might not be absolutely necessary for most riders, but they are beautiful, and even more durable that the standard aluminum NoThreadsets, so for those who want the best of the best, this is your headset!  

Sometimes a bike simply demands something really special in a headset.  The Chris King NoThreadset Ti headset is the one for those.  

  When you see a Chris King ti headset on a bike, it's hard if not impossible to just glance at it: they require a second, closer look.  Whether it's to see the intricate pattern of the laser engraving, or just look at your reflection in the mirror polish that won't tarnish under harsh conditions, it's hard to tear yourself away from one of these beauties.

  Chris King NoThreadset Ti headsets are always limited edition parts.  When Chris King makes these headsets, that's all they make.  They have to change their tooling, and that new tooling gets worn out more quickly than usual because of how much harder the material is, which means that they don't produce them very often and there are often very long gaps between production runs. After each run there's also the question of whether they'll make them again.

We were able to buy a small stock of them recently from the last production run of the year (and maybe longer), so now's the perfect time to get one of these rare gems.  

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