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May 20, 2020 2 min read

While AVT is operating normally, we are experiencing some disruption to order processing and shipments due to the current pandemic. 

Delays to orders of specific products / brands.

Currently orders for products from White industries, Phil Wood and PAUL Components are taking longer than normal as all 3 companies were subject to lengthy shut down and reduced staffing. They are now back up and manufacturing / shipping product but things are taking longer.

Please allow up to a week or more in some cases (ie for products such as hubs & cranksets) before your product ships and take this into account when placing your order.

** Chris King orders remain largely unaffected, most small parts will ship out in 1-2 days, hubs, headsets and BB's within 3-5.

Delays to international shipments using USPS (free international shipping).

Currently we're seeing more frequent delays with international shipments sent using USPS First Class International (which is used for our Free International Shipping offer).

This is due to the COVID situation which means there are much fewer passenger flights leaving the USA. USPS normally uses these passenger flights for outgoing mail & freight. Its a problem that we've noticed is affecting many online retailers in the bicycle industry.

Once a package has been shipped using USPS that is then delayed, our options are very limited to intervene and resolve the delay. USPS are unable to provide any information on how long packages will be delayed for or if anything can be done to expedite them. All we can hope is that they eventually do reach their destination.

This is extremely frustrating to us here at AVT and to any customers affected by it.

We strongly encourage customers outside of the USA to consider our UPS shipping services which have not been subject to any delays. You are still welcome to continue using free international shipping, but please be aware of the potential for delays.


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