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January 30, 2019 2 min read

Here at AVT, we really enjoy helping riders get parts that will help give them the best riding experience, and we feel that carbon rims offer significant benefits including lighter rotational weight and greater durability, just to name a couple of the most important ones.  And while we love Enve rims, and recommend them to anyone who can afford a set, we really wanted to see if we couldn't find another, less-expensive alternative.  

Enter Light Bicycle.  This is a company that was at the forefront of the new crop of Chinese-made, direct-to-consumer rims, and they've gained a reputation for quality products.  Now you may be saying "but hey, you guys are all about US-made products, so what gives?", and that's a fair question to ask.  We are always going to do everything we can to support companies that are making great products in the US.  They're easier for us to deal with, they are adaptable, communication is easy, and parts are readily available, among a whole host of other benefits.  But the fact remains that Enve is the only carbon rim manufacturer that we're aware of that's making rims in the US, and there are some really high-quality rims being made overseas.

In the case of Light Bicycle, the company now has a US office, making the wait times much lower, and warranties easier.  But what really convinced us is experience: for years we've talked to other riders who were raving about these rims and how great the company was to deal with, and some years ago we had to try them ourselves.  Now we have countless hours on various models, and have been nothing but impressed.  Dollar for dollar, these are simply very hard to beat, and we think they provide a real value in our catalog.  We see them giving many riders who wouldn't spend the money to get Enve hoops a chance to experience the great ride that carbon has to offer. 

The AR46 is a great choice for gravel or road bikes

Our first offering is the AR46, a road and gravel-oriented medium-deep section rim that is super-versatile.  We think they're ideal when paired with Chris King's R45D Centerlock, Industry Nine's Road disc hubs, or a White industries CLD hub, but we can build them on any hub we carry, so the choice is yours.  If you'd like an AVT Works wheelset built with these rims, you can get started by checking out the product page here.  And if you've got questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

Check out the AVT Works Light Bicycle AR46 wheelset here.