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July 24, 2018 1 min read

Which mountain front hub should I choose? ISO B, ISO LD, and ISO AB each serve a different role.

ISO B hubs are agile, lightweight, and fast based on our made-in-house small diameter bearings. ISO B hubs fit 110x15mm axles.

ISB AB hubs are our new future proof Boost hubs! Built on our large diameter, made-in-house bearings and developed with the Santa Cruz Syndicate these hubs fly and handle anything you throw at them. Compatible with 110x15mm Boost, 110x20 Boost, and 15mm Torque Caps.

ISO LD hubs are the classic downhill hub. Also built on the LD bearing to handle the toughest conditions. LD hubs fit 100x15mm and 110x20mm (non-boost).