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King Cage Classic Stainless Steel Water Bottle 2 Cage Combo

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The King water bottle cage is legendary. Hand made in the U.S.A, there's no other cage like it. It weighs only 48 grams, and is made of 304 Stainless steel tubing.

This cage has a classic design, hold water bottles securely, and won't mark up your water bottles, it won't rust, and it's very affordable too! Great also for headlamp batteries, under-tube mounting locations, and for Triathletes who need cages mounted behind the saddle. You'll be proud to have this cage on your bike for years to come. Note: no bottle cage bolts are included...please consider adding titanium bottle cage bolts.

Handmade in Colorado by Ron "King Cage" Andrews:

Please Note: King cages are made by Andrews Designworks, not to be confused with Chris King Precision Components.