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AVT Works Velocity CX Gravel Wheelset

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#CrossIsComing with these hand built wheels featuring Velocity Rims and White Industries hubs!

Major Tom 700c

The Major Tom brings together everything you have been looking for when taking that next step in the cyclocross circuit. Blending qualities from our popular A23 clincher and Escape tubular rims, the 23mm wide Major Tom provides improved traction for unparalleled ground control. Designed with an 11mm braking surface for precise handling and braking, along with our seam relief channel which allows for consistent and reliable tubular tire installation. Now take your protein pills and put your helmet on!

  • RIM SIZE: 700c
  • WIDTH: 23mm
  • HEIGHT: 21mm
  • OPTIMAL TIRE WIDTH: 25mm - 35mm
  • VALVE: Presta 32 - 40mm
  • WEIGHT: 465g
The Quill

The Quill is our most innovative road rim to date. Utilizing design technology from our Aileron disc rim, we've evolved our most successful and proven A23 road rim and developed the Quill to be, stiffer, and wider than its predecessor.

The Quill rim is 17.2% wider internally, 26.2% laterally stiffer, and 99.3% radially stiffer than the A23. Featuring an outer width of 24.5mm and an internal width of 21.1mm, the Quill voluminous width provides riders with substantial lateral stiffness even in lower spoke counts and increased ride quality and control. The 25.5mm depth, provides an aero profile giving it significant performance and durability gains over previous rim brake models. The Quill can easily be set up tubeless with the use of our 21mm wide Velotape.

  • RIM SIZE: 700c
  • WIDTH: 24.5mm
  • HEIGHT: 25.5mm
  • OPTIMAL TIRE WIDTH: 25mm - 47mm
  • TIRE INTERFACE: Clincher / Tubeless
  • VALVE: Presta 32 - 40mm
  • WEIGHT: 465g
Aileron 700c
Features a disc specific elliptical profile designed with aerodynamics and weight as key factors. Specifically tuned to be aerodynamically paired with 23-28c road tires, though a 20mm inner width compliments even the most voluminous gravel and cross tires. Tubeless ready using 24mm Velotape.

  • RIM SIZE: 700c
  • WIDTH: 25mm
  • HEIGHT: 28mm
  • OPTIMAL TIRE WIDTH: 25mm - 47mm
  • TIRE INTERFACE: Clincher / Tubeless
  • VALVE: Presta 41 - 55mm
  • WEIGHT: 465g

Tire Bundles

Donnelly MXP 700x33c Tubeless Cyclocross Tires

  • Center chevrons and staggered side knobs for all-conditions.
  • Side knobs offer superior cornering.
  • Soft rubber compound provides extra grip and shock absorption.
  • Tubeless-ready design mounts easily to most tubeless ready rims.
  • Tubeless casing is reinforced for wear, features an Aramid bead.
  • Precision design creates a straight tire with no variances in size or alignment.
  • This is a tubeless-ready tire, but can be used with a tube.

Donnelly X'Plor MSO 700x40c Tubeless Gravel Tires

  • Smooth-rolling center knobs and aggressive shoulder lugs.
  • Soft rubber compound for extra grip and shock absorption.
  • Integrated puncture protection belt under the tread.
  • This is a tubeless-ready tire, but can be used with a tube.
Tubeless Kit content:
  • 1 Portatutto tool bottle (as functional packaging)
  • 1 bottle of Caff latex sealant, 250 ml, with measuring over-cap
  • 1 roll of Caff latex Tubeless Tape (S, M or L version, depending on the kit)
  • 2 Caff latex Tubeless Valves with conic adapters (for both Presta and Schrader-drilled rims) and a key for Presta mechanisms

  • AVT Works is our in house wheel building and service dept offering a full range of custom wheel builds and hub servicing.
  • Available with Chris King hubs in all 9 standard in stock colors plus any other hubs listed on our site including White Industries, Phil Wood and PAUL Components.
  • Available with rims from Knight Composites, BOYD, ENVE and more with Wheelsmith or SAPIM CX Ray spokes.
  • Please allow 10 business days to build and ship (depending on availability of parts)
  • If you're looking for a hub / rim combination not listed here please contact us.
  • * Custom made products including AVTWorks wheelsets can be returned post purchase subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. More info can be found in our returns policy.