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Over Axle Adapter Kit

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A must-have tool for the busy bike shop, the PRESS-3 Over Axle Bearing Press Kit works in conjunction with the and press handles.

Together they allow for easy installation of 10mm I.D. and larger bearings into hubs with shouldered axles, always pressing simultaneously on both the inner and outer race of the bearing and preventing damage during the installation process.

Adapters are designed to install the final bearing in hubs with shouldered axles. Includes adapters for 12 different size bearings ranging from 10mm to 20mm. All parts are laser etched for easy identification.


Installs the following sealed bearing sizes:

  • 6900, 6000                10mm axles
  • 6901, 6001                12mm axles
  • 6802, 6902, 6002      15mm axles
  • 6803, 6903, 6003      17mm axles
  • 6804, 6904                 20mm axles

Includes the following spacers:

  • (1) 15mm ID x 25mm length
  • (1) 15mm ID x 35mm length
  • (1) 17mm ID x 25mm length
  • (1) 17mm ID x 35mm length
  • (1) 20mm ID x 25mm length
  • (1) 20mm ID x 35mm length