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Paul Components Gino Light Mount- Limited Edition Orange

Read Before Ordering
Read Before Ordering

These Canti Levers feature a very comfortable grip, and an excellent feel. They also have a reach adjustment screw, an unstrippable clamp screw and the Hollow Lite pivot pin.

Generally, these levers work with cantilever brakes, caliper brakes (as on a road bicycle), U-brakes and Roller Cam brakes...pretty much everything that isn't a V-brake.

These levers work with PAUL Neo-Retro, Touring Canti, and Racer Brakes. They also work with the PAUL Moto BMX Brake but only when you are converting a 26" wheel bike to 700c wheels.ʠIf you are looking for a lever to use with the Paul Motolite or Moto BMX brakes please consider the Paul Love Levers.

Note: These levers DO NOT fit drop/road/Nitto Moustache/bullhorn/track handle bars. They are for mountain bike style handlebars.

Package includes:
  • Installation instructions

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Weight 60 grams
Clamp Size 7/8 inch (22.2mm)
Compatible Brakes Cantilever, Road Calipers
Compatible Bars Flat, Riser or Cruiser
Reach Adjust Yes
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