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Paul Components

Paul Components Klamper Disc Caliper

Read Before Ordering
Read Before Ordering

Paul set out to make the toughest, most precisely machined, most adjustable dropper trigger on the market. After numerous prototypes and over a year of testing, They're proud to present a dropper trigger with stacked dual sealed cartridge bearings, two different cable clamp options, a barrel adjuster, and a hinged clamp. Machined by Paul right here in Chico California to the highest tolerances.

6061 Aluminum
Anodized or Polished
Anodized Color
Black or Silver
Clamp Diameter


Paul tried just about every cable-actuated dropper seatpost on the market, and while they all have their pros and cons, they weren't satisfied with any of the triggers that actuated them. So they designed our own.

As usual, our engineers were obsessed during the design process, they torture tested the hell out of various prototypes (including numerous crashes) in the toughest terrain in the Sierra Nevada mountains for over a year. Their final production version uses dual stacked sealed cartridge bearings in the pivot for zero slop and long (serviceable) life, a pinch bolt and cable head recess allowing you to run the cable in either direction (some droppers pinch the cable at the seatpost, while others pinch the cable at the trigger), a hinged clamp so you can install it without removing the grip, and a little barrel adjuster for fine tuning the cable tension.

Machined out of 6061 American aluminum to 0.0005_ tolerance (holy smokes that's precise!) in sunny Chico, California.