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Paul Components Lock Ring - For Paul Components Hubs

Read Before Ordering
Read Before Ordering

If you are running brakes on your fixie and want to keep the bars looking clean and track-ish, this is the lever for you. The E-Lever clamps to almost any bicycle road bar, and is designed to be used on the upper flat area near the stem...not on the bulge area.

The E-Lever uses an MTB style brake cable (not included). It has a small barrel adjuster which makes brake adjustment a breeze.

Because the E-Lever is so compact, it has somewhat less leverage than most brake levers. The E-Lever is not recommended for use as the sole method of stopping your bike, but should only be used in conjunction with other methods of stopping such as a fixed gear or coaster brake.

Package includes:

  • Installation instructions
  • Paul logo sticker

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Weight 56 grams
Material 6061 Aluminum
Cable Pull Short pull
Clamp Size 22.2mm 23.8mm
Compatible Brakes Cantilever, Road Caliper, U-brake, Roller Cam
Compatible Bars Road, Drop, Bullhorn, Moustache, Flat, Riser, Cruiser
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