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Paul Components Racer Brakes

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The mounting bosses on this brake are spread to 77mm and will take a wide tire or tire fender combo.

The Racer Center Mount Brake is designed for recessed mounting holes in the seat stay bridge and fork. If you do not have these, longer mounting bolts are available.

With this brake you can use 700c wheels on a frame originally designed for 27 inch wheels.


Material - 6061 Aluminum
Center Mount Weight - 157g
Braze-On Weight - 120g
Anodized or Polshed
Anodized Color
Black, Blue, or Silver
Cable Pull
Short Pull ↓
Brake Pads - Salmon Kool Stop Thinline
Reach - 57mm-72mm


Based on the classic Mafac center pull, the Racer brake has been updated with modern materials and manufacturing. The long reaching arms are CNC machined with a T-shaped profile that makes them very stiff. The widely spaced pivots make room for larger tires and full-coverage fenders.

The Racer was originally designed to mount directly to the frame via center pull brake bosses. When a Braze-On Racer is mounted to these specially positioned center pull brake bosses, the brake is especially stiff, weighs less and has a simple integrated appearance.

It is important to note that the Braze-On Racer does not mount to brake bosses in the standard cantilever position, and it will not work with U-brake bosses. Please refer to our support article on Braze-On Center Pull Brakes for more information. Reach is determined by the height of the center pull brake bosses, which can be positioned by a frame builder to match up with 700c, 650b, or 26″ wheels.

We also make the Racer brake in a Center Mount version. An additional bridge spans the pivots and mounts to the frame with a bolt. The option is given for a shorter recessed bolt to work with modern frames, or a longer non-recessed bolt that works with older frames.

The Center Mount Racer is a long reach brake, and has 57mm to 72mm of reach (when measured diagonally from the center mount to the top of the brake pad). This works great on frames designed for long reach brakes, and can convert frames designed for 27″ wheels to 700c, or 700c to 650b.

Please note that all of our brakes are sold per wheel.

  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Position: Front or Rear
  • Color: Black, Silver, Polished
  • Cable pull: Short pull
  • Cable routing: Center
  • Reach: 57mm - 67mm
  • Weight (no pads): 157 grams
  • Package includes:
    • Kool-Stop thinline all-weather brake pads
    • Straddle cable
    • Brake cable hanger
    • Cable ferrule
    • Installation instructions
    • Paul logo sticker