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Paul Components Rear Hub Disk WORD Boost Single Speed 148mmx12mm Thru

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Boost Disc WORD Hub features a super-stiff, super-light, flex-free 7075 Alloy axle. Easily serviced and made in Chico, California, these hubs will last you a lifetime! This is the latest version of the very first single-speed specific MTB hub ever produced by Paul back in 1996. W.O.R.D. stood for Wacky One Speed Rear Device, because at a time when most riders had just upgraded from 7 to 8 speeds, the idea of stripping all the derailleurs off of your bike to make a super simple, reliable, harder-to-ride bike seemed like a pretty stubborn and a little crazy idea. Since then it has become a cult classic. This particular version has a wider hubshell to take advantage of 148mm BOOST spacing. Yes, this hub spins very smoothly due to extremely high tolerance machined bearing bores (.0002_, that's 8 times thinner than a human hair!) and high quality user-adjustable sealed cartridge bearings. The hub shell design has been refined over years of production and real world abuse to be as light as possible while still withstanding the abuse that the biggest, most reckless riders can put it through. One of the best things about the latest iteration might be the super-stiff, super-light, flex-free, 7075 Alloy axle. It passes from dropout to dropout (unlike the flexy, non-adjustable caps so common on cheaper hubs that love to pop off and roll under your car or workbench every time you take your wheel off). The BOOST Disk WORD hub has freewheel threading on the drive side for standard BMX style freewheels, and a 6 bolt ISO rotor mount. The flanges are canted towards the rim, and the spoke holes are chamfered to reduce stress on the head and elbow of the spoke.