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Paul Thru Axle QR (Set N Forget)

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Black & Orange
Silver & Orange
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The Set N Forget was born out of a need for a high-quality, reliable, simple, and effective thru-axle quick release. The handle on the Set N Forget is index-able. Once you set the position the first time, the lever will always close in just the position you desire. Setting it is easily done by pushing down on the head and rotating the lever into one of 12 radial positions. Once released the head is now locked in that position. Forget it!

These thru-axles come in 9 different lengths, two different diameters, and two different thread pitches. Don't worry: It's easy to measure and order the correct model for your bike all by yourself! We've provided a downloadable size chart, instructions and even a video, right here on this page.

How to measure your threading: All Front 15mm Set N Forget skewer rods are 1.5 thread pitch.

To determine whether your rear 12mm skewer is 1.5 or 1.0 threading, hold it up to the threads of your front skewer and compare. If the threads line up with each other, it's 1.5. If there are many more threads on your rear skewer in the same amount of length, it's 1.0.

Consult your frame or fork manufacturer if you are still unable to determine the right fitment on your own.

Some frame and forks may not be threaded, but rely on an independent nut which threads onto the end of the thru-axle. We make those too! (See them below in the Related Products). If your thru-axle uses a nut, add about 15mm to the skewer length. (The Surly Ice Cream truck uses a 15 x 171 x 1.5 front skewer, and a 12 x 227 x 1.5 rear skewer.)

Right off the bat we are doing these in all silver and all black, and also black or silver with orange heads. The head is the part that peaks through the cap (see photos above.)

Every time you close this quick release youll enjoy a feeling of security and satisfaction that you can shred as hard as you want, your wheel is NOT moving!
  • Material: Stainless Steel, 7075 and 6061 Aluminum
  • Weight: 58g - 102g depending on size
  • Anodized Color: Black, Silver, Orange (head only)
  • Cam: Internal
  • Length of Thread for 12x112,119,127x1.5: 15mm
  • Length of Thread for 12xAll Lengths EXCEPT 112,119,127x1.5: 20mm
  • Length of Thread for 15xFox: 14mm
  • Length of Thread for 15xEverything EXCEPT Fox: 15mm