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Pressfit 30 Adapter for Shimano Cranks

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The PF30-SHIM adapts 24mm Spindle Cranks (Shimano, FSA, etc.) to work on Pressfit 30 frames. Simply tap the adapters into the 6806 bearing in the BB shell, install the spindle and cranks. Use our to adjust your chainline, or take up any side-to-side movement in your cranks.

  • Machined engineering-grade Delrin
  • 48g/pr


  • PF30-SHIM was originally designed for use with SRAM PF30 bottom brackets and will not work with Wheels Manufacturing PF30-BB, PF30-BB-AC or PF30-BB-CER. Use our BBUNIV-SHIM to adapt 24mm Spindle Cranks (Shimano, FSA, etc.) in Wheels Manufacturing PF30 bottom brackets.
  • Not compatible with SRAM PF30 bottom brackets that use a thin plastic reducer instered into the bearings. See Compatibilty tab below.
  • The stock bottom bracket seals must be removed before installing the Pressfit 30 adapter

Important note about using PF30-SHIM adapters with certain SRAM PF30 bottom brackets

Many SRAM PF30 bottom brackets use proprietary bearings with a 43.5mm OD and a 31mm ID. A black plastic reducer is inserted into the bearing to reduce the ID down to 30mm, and also serves as a dust shield, completely covering the outer face of the bearings. The overall width of these bottom brackets is too wide when used with our PF30-SRAM adapters. Please use our Universal BB adapters for Shimano, which are thinner than the PF30-SHIM, and allow for more adjustability.

SRAM PF30 bottom brackets with this configuration are easy to identify, but require the removal of your cranks. With the cranks removed from the BB, if there is a plastic "top hat" looking reducer (shown in photos below) inserted into the bearing, that completely covers the outer face of the bearing and the inner race, you have one of these BBs.


SRAM PF30 BB Top Hat


SRAM PF30 Top Hat Reducer