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November 02, 2021 2 min read

There seems to be a lot of coverage right now on sustainability and environmental issues both inside and outside of the bike industry so it's worth taking a look at how what we sell here at AVT impacts this.

While many larger bike industry companies this week signed the Cycling Industry Climate Commitment most of the brands we sell here at AVT have already been doing this for many years. Here's a reminder on how..

1. Responsible Manufacturing Practices.

You may think that making products out of big heavy chunks of metal here in the USA is a dirty business, but in actual fact it can be quite green if it's done is a responsible way. Most domestic component manufacturers go to great lengths to minimize their environmental impact by taking great care to recycle and re-use waste products from their manufacturing process.

Chris King (the main himself) describes his own approach to this is this recent video.


2. Availability of Spare Parts & Serviceability.

We sell a ton of small parts, tools and service products for Chris King & White Industries in particular to keep you covered for regular servicing and repairs. Not sure which parts or products you need then just ask our team and we can help you out. Also don't forget our You Tube Channel which has some helpful videos on how to service hubs, headsets and bottom brackets.



3. Backwards and forwards compatible.

With so many changing standards in the industry the ability to adapt to these will ensure you can use high quality parts for longer. This is really relevant with hubs and ever changing axle and drive shell standards.

For example, have an old set of non boost QR mountain bike hubs that you want to use for a newer thru axle gravel bike with a new 12sp Shimano drive shell? No problem, the majority of Chris King and White Industries hubs can be upgraded with a new axle and drive shell and given a new lease of life.


4. Shorter Shipping Distances.

The vast majority of products we sell here at AVT are made in North America, that means a shorter distance the parts have to travel to get to us before they ship out to you.

Contrast this with components made in Taiwan or China which have to travel half way around the world on a container, before then being shipped out to you.

5. Higher Quality Materials = Longer Lasting.

This one may be obvious but it's worth reiterating as it's one of the main reasons that products from brands like Chris King and White Industries are in high demand. Higher quality design and manufacturing means the parts last longer which avoids the cycle of buying cheaper parts, using them for a few years until you have to throw them away and then replacing them with another new part.

If you buy say a Chris King headset, there's no reason with regular servicing why that headset won't outlast the frame that you put it on.. and in many cases it can be used on multiple bikes, for many years to come saving you $$ and those cheaper parts ending up in landfill.

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