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December 08, 2020 3 min read

So you're looking for something for the cyclist in your life.  Well, we're here to help with some items that we like, and that we're pretty sure just about anyone who's into bikes will like too!

First, some tools:

No-matter what kind of bike you ride, you're going to have to perform some basic maintenance from time to time.  Having a good hex-wrench set makes all the difference when it comes time to do so, and that's why we stock a couple of really good ones.

Bondhus colorguard hex wrench set

Bondhus Color Guard Hex Wrench Set

Bondhus makes their wrenches in the USA, and they're some of the best we've found.  The handles are long, with a ball-head on the long end, making them great for giving access to those tricky-to-reach areas.  This set of wrenches is even color-coded to make getting the right one even easier! 

Many riders have some hex wrenches, but stepping up to a quality set will transform the experience of working on their bikes!


Silca T-Ratchet + ti-torque

Silca T-Ratches + Ti-Torque

When doing even simple service like tightening a headset or adjusting your stem, getting the bolt torque is critical, and that's why we love this little kit.  It's compact enough to carry with you on the bike, but it works well enough to use at home, and its combination of an adaptable ratchet, extension socket, 10 bits, and torque wrench make it a formidable little tool kit for just about any of the smaller and more critical bolts on an bike.

Highly recommended!


Second, some accessories:

Silca Sicuro Cages

Silca Sicuro Cages

Water bottle cages are one of those accessories that can be terrible or great.  When they're terrible, your water bottle falls out easily, or is hard to get back in safely, or maybe they just break-off altogether out on the trail.  But when they're good, you just forget about them!  We're big fans of the good ones, and that's why we stock cages from the likes of King Cage, Wolf Tooth, and Silca.  All are titanium, and each has its own highlights, but we've definitely become very big fans of the Silca Sicuro Cages.  To top it off, they are actually in stock (wonder of wonders 🤪)!

We currently have them in raw ti, black cerakote, and we even have a couple of limited-edition royal purple cage/straw sets!  All of these share the same height-adjustable design and robotic laser-welding, and they are even all made in the USA!


Peaty's Valves

 Peaty's x Chris King Tubeless Valves

These days there aren't many reasons not to run a tubeless setup, but some of us just need that extra push to make the switch.  Enter the perfect stocking-stuffer that not only allows for an easy tubeless setup, but also a whole range of colors that match those from Chris King!


Chris King face fender

Chris King Face Fender

Anyone who's used on knows that one of the easiest things you can do to increase your enjoyment of wintertime riding is to get fenders.  These small face fenders don't protect you nearly as much as something larger, but they really do a great job of keeping dirt out of your face, and they're small enough that most of us just keep them on all year because they also protect fork seals and keep dirt from filling up the back of your fork arch. 

Weighing next to nothing and taking just a minute or two to install, it's hard to go wrong with one of these.  To top it off, they're one of the least expensive things to get for someone who just can't get enough Chris King on their bike.😉


This is just a small selection of items in our Holiday Gift collection so check out the full collection here, and don't forget that if you want to shop in-stock and ready to ship parts, you'll want to stop by our Ready2Roll collection of in stock parts.

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