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August 10, 2021 4 min read

With gravel racing season in full effect here in the USA we thought it was a good time to take a look at some of our top gravel products that we sell a lot of here at AVT, and more importantly that we rate very highly and use ourselves!

Most of these products are pretty simple upgrades to your gravel rig that we carry in stock most of the time.

1. White Industries G30 Crankset & BB.

Let's start with the basics of this made in California crankset which is available in black & silver in a wide range of crank lengths from 165mm to 180mm. With classic understated lines these cranks are machined out of a solid piece of U.S. sourced 2024-T6 aluminum.

They are finished off with a built in extractor bolt that comes in 8 different colors to personalize your ride.

When it comes to chainrings this is where the G30 really stands out from everything else on the market in terms of its versatility and huge range of chainring options.

Want to run a Boost set up with gravel gears? No problem.

How about having the ability to easily switch from a 1x to 2x set up? Again no problem.

What about a 2x set up with an insanely low gear ratio like a 38x24? For sure.

We don't think there's another crankset out there that can offer all of these chainring combinations which is why we rate this crankset so highly. It can be paired with White Industries own BSA bottom bracketor a Chris King Threadfit 30.

2. Silca Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cages.

If you're riding on rough terrain the first priority of any bottle cage is to hold that water bottle securely so it doesn't fly out the minute you hit a fast gravel section. While many carbon fiber cages are very light, they frequently don't hold a bottle securely enough for gravel.

Silca's made in USA titanium Sicuro cage is a great option that's both lightweight and will make sure your bottle stays put. One of the great advantages of metal bottle cages is the ability to bend the cage in slightly to grip the bottle even tighter than normal.

Throw in the additional adjustable height feature on the Silca (which is great if you need to re-position your water bottle around frame bags etc) and it's really hard to beat.

Currently available in Raw Ti, Cerakote black and limited edition Bourbon, Aqua and Purple.

3. SUPACAZ Super Kush Bar Tape.

SUPACAZ bar tape is the choice of 3x World Champ Peter Sagan, famous for its unique style and out there colors. But if we get beyond the bling, this tape is one of the most cushioned and sticky on the market. Both of which are essential on any gravel bike to cushion those hands and provide a secure grip in the dust or wet.

Available in a range of colors with matching aluminum expander bar end plugs.

4. PAUL Components Klamper Disc Brakes.

With all the hydraulic disc brakes on the market these days you may wonder why we're recommending these cable disc brakes. OK if you're a serious racer and weight means everything then these are probably not the product for you. But for everyone else, we love the simple reliability of a cable disc brake for a number of reasons.

Top of the list of advantages is the ability to get yourself out of trouble if your brakes fail in the middle of Unbound Gravel. With hydraulics if you have a problem it's highly unlikely you'll have a bleed kit with you. But carry a spare cable on an epic long race or bike packing trip and you're good to go in the event of a brake issue.

Next up, with the supply chain issues in the bike industry right now we all need to get creative when building up a new bike. Re-using older parts is a great way to build up that new bike without waiting months for new parts. Many of the brands we sell have products that integrate really well with slightly older parts and the Klampers are a great example that allows you to build up a mix of old and new.

Have a pair of old Campy road cable shifters gathering dust? Pair them with some flat mount Klampers that come in a Campy cable pull and you are good to go! Klampers are available in a huge range of colors, brake mount types and cable pull options to go with many different frame and lever combinations.

5. Fresh Lubes, Greases and Waxed Chains.

Whether your gravel season is dry and hot or wet and muddy keeping your bike freshly lubed and greased will save you valuable watts and keep your parts lasting a long time.

Lubes and greases from Chris King and Phil Wood will keep your hub, headset and bottom bracket bearings running super smooth. Silca's Secret Chain Lube ensures your chain runs as smoothly as those bearings. Not sure which lube or grease to use on your bike, just ask and we can advise you..

Or if you want to avoid the time involved in cleaning and waxing / lubing your chain we now have CeramicSpeed's pre-waxed UFO chains which can fit straight on your bike and save you watts right away.


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