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December 24, 2018 1 min read

Even though we already did a post about this bike not too long ago, we just couldn't leave it off our 12 Bling Builds of Xmas list because it's simply a beautiful, well-executed bike!

Like many of the other bikes we've featured in this series, this one would be perfect for the terrain around our home base of Ashland, Oregon, and we feel like that also means that it would be great in most other places as well!  The titanium frame, clearances for larger tires, and durable, beautiful, and mechanically great parts kit would be able deliver great performance nomatter where a ride might take you!

And it should come as no surprise that we like a bike that doesn't forget how it looks, and this one is one of the most beautiful bikes we've seen this year!  Painting titanium isn't necessary for the frame's durability, and that fact opens up more options in terms of how much of the bike gets painted.  This one makes perfect use of that!  Finally, the Matte Turquoise Parts from Chris King get integrated into the whole bike so well, that they really work well as accents that tie the bike together rather than just screaming over the rest of it.

This year's order window for these bikes has closed, but we're sure Mike can still build you something similar: it'll just have to be your choice this time!