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HED Wheels


Founded in 1984, Hed has been making some of the most advanced carbon fiber rims and wheels in the industry for over 35 years now, and all of their carbon rims are handmade in Minnesota, USA.  Steve and Anne Hed came from a triathlon background, and they weren't just designing and building wheels, but also racing them. 

The word slowly got out, and Steve became well known for developing the fastest wheels around, and they have been mainstays on pro tour race bikes for dacades.  Remember Lance Armstrong in his heyday?  That was a Hed trispoke on the front of his time trial bike. 

If it's aero, HED has been at the forefront.

But Hed hasn't just been involved in aero pursuits: their carbon use their Dual-axis Nipple Alignment system to ensure that each nipple is exactly in line with the its spoke to allow for a lighter rim and a stronger wheel, and their in-house manufacturing has not only helped them do more wind-tunnel testing, but also to hone every aspect of the manufacturing process to create a better product.

HED Wheelset Option at AVT.

We have 2 options for wheels built using HED Rims here at AVT. Custom built in house using any of our hub options and a huge range of spoke counts and spoke types. Generally these are running around 6-6 week lead time depending on hub & rim availability.

The second option are any of the alloy HED rims built in house by Chris King on their R45D hubs. Depending on hub availability these can take anything from 8-12 weeks currently.

Can't find the rim / hub combination you're looking for then request a custom wheel quote here.