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December 15, 2020 2 min read

Who Says Can't Pimp Your Pushbike?! 

While it's a far cry from most of the Bling Builds that we've featured here, we got a kick out of this little one: built on the bones of a Burley MyKick, this little bike has been blinged-out in all of the few ways that it can be!  The problem for anyone looking to kit-out their push bike is that there just aren't very many parts on the bike to begin with.  In this case, there aren't many of the parts that could be replaced that haven't been replaced.


Arguably the most bling parts that found a home on this bike are the hubs: 24-hole Brompton-specific Phil Wood units.  These little polished wonders ended up being a great match for the rims that came stock on the bike, which are 12 hole.  Because of the limited rim options, our wheel builder took the original rims, custom cut new spokes, and built the wheels. Oh, and those extra holes? Those are just miniature cutouts for light weight!  After all, performance is clearly one of the major considerations in this build!😉  If you're inclined to ask why the bike didn't get a rim upgrade it's because the only really bling options were carbon and that just didn't suit the look. 

A Chris King headset is a great upgrade for any bike, but if you've seen the headsets that come stock on most push bikes, you'll agree that it's an especially important one in this case.  This bike takes a somewhat special headset, but a 1 1/8" Chris King model with only the lower portion of a 2Nut bearing cap installed allows for the bike's upper headset clamp to be installed.  Sometimes a little custom-work is what's needed for the really special cases like this.

This is one of those projects that just about anyone with kids can imagine undertaking, but one which far fewer actually ever get around to completing.  We're stoked to see it!



  • Frame: Burley My Kick
  • Fork: Burley, threaded steerer
  • Handlebar/stem: Burley Chrome riser
  • Headset: Chris King 1 1/8" with 2Nut bearing cap
  • Saddle: Black, padded
  • Seatpost: Chrome, straight
  • Rims: 12" Alloy
  • Spokes: Sapim Leader, 72mm
  • Hubs: Phil Wood Brompton, 74mm O.L.D., Polished, 24 hole
  • Tires: Black

We hope you got a kick out of this little pushbike.  If you see it coming along a sidewalk near you, just be sure to move over because those Phil Wood bearings will keep it rolling smoothly, and if you were cruising along on this sweet ride, you probably wouldn't want to stop either!

What have you done with the parts you've gotten from us?  We're always excited to see your bikes, so we're always stoked to see your photos!  And of course, if you have any questions about the parts on this or any other bling build, feel free to Contact Us.

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