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November 05, 2019 1 min read

We try not to focus in on any one builder with our Bling Builds, but when we are based so close to Mike Desalvo, of Desalvo Custom Cycles, and when he makes so many beautiful bikes, it's tough to avoid showing a disproportionate number of them.  We also feel that this bike is a perfect example of what's possible with Chris King's new violet color.  With a bright color like this, making a bike that both shows it off, and at the same time doesn't become a wild cacophony of colors can bit a little tricky, which is why we like this bike so much.

Desalvo's continuing collaboration with John from Land Shark Bicycles, has yielded some truly unique bikes, and the one that he brought to Chris King's Open House this year is just one more example of that. 

In addition to a very productive career as a framebuilder, John at Land Shark has a history of making some stunning paint jobs, and that's what he's done on a lot of Desalvo's bikes of late (take a look at Kellan's Desalvo that we featured recently, if you want another take on what John is capable of). 

Enjoy the photos and let us know if we can help you get parts to make your next bling build a reality!