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August 19, 2018 2 min read

In part 1 of this conversion project I started out by looking at the various options for converting my non-single speed Canyon CX bike into a dedicated single-speed rig for this CX season. After measuring the chain-line it looked like my preferred option of using the White Industries ENO Disc hub would work, just needed to give this all a dry run fitted to the bike before pulling the trigger on the rear wheel build.

1- Checking the fit of the hub, freewheel and chain.

A quick dry run using the un-boxed rear hub, White Industries freewheel and a KMC 8 Speed chain proved the whole set up went together nicely and the chain line worked well on both of the freewheel sprockets. Next up the wheel build.

2- Rebuilding the old rear wheel with a new White Industries ENO Eccentric hub.

I decided against a completely new wheel build for this, for one thing this bike will only get used for 3-4 months of the year, but also with MTB standards moving to Boost I had a perfectly good set of carbon Halo Vapour 29er wheels sitting around gathering dust. Its also one of the advantages of using hand built wheels in the first place (rather than a factory built wheel with proprietary hubs / spokes), is that it gives you the flexibility to re build around new hubs / standards while keeping a perfectly good rim.

So the rear wheel was re-built by our #AVTWorks team to swap out the old SRAM XD 142x12 hub with the new White Industries ENO one.

3- Putting it all together for the final build.

The rest of the project was pretty straightforward from here on in. Once the rear brake was set up using the White Industries Eccentric caliper mount (paired to a set of single speed specific TRP Hylex RS brakes) everything else went back on the bike including some wide WTB Nano 40mm tires (great for those early season dry, dusty and bumpy courses where they don't measure your tires!), Ritchey cockpit and some MASH bartape.

        If you're thinking of your own conversion for CX season or have any other product related questions contact us and we'd love to help you out!