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December 27, 2020 2 min read

 2020 is almost over! Looking back at this year I can say I am definitely grateful for my family as well as my bikes for keeping me sane. I decided I would base my list on some new items I picked up this year as well as some old favorites I’ve been using for thousands of miles. I hope everyone has a safe enjoyable holiday season!

1Up rack

1Up USA Super Duty. From $599.

It is clear we’re fans of made in the USA parts so it should come as no surprise we love the racks from 1up USA.  Made in Wisconsin these racks are some of the lightest, fastest mounting, and most secure on the market.  If you’re putting the best on your bike why not use the best to transport it.

Wolf Tooth Pack Hanger tool

Wolf Tooth Pack alignment tool.  From $99.95.

With bikes now coming with 12 and 13 speed cassettes having a properly aligned hanger is essential but what happens if you’re on an epic ride and you bend your hanger?  Enter this neat little tool from Wolf Tooth.  Before this you had to hope you could bend things back in place well enough to ride it home but this will get you dialed in and able to use all of your gears again.


Orange Seal Endurance sealant

Orange Seal Endurance.  From $10.99.  

Orange Seal has been my go-to tire sealant for years.  In my opinion it works well and has helped me avoid flatting out on both mountain bike and cyclocross races.  As an added bonus the company supports a lot of cycling events around the country including several local to us.


ESI RCT tape

ESI RCT Bartape.  $34.99.  

This is my favorite bar tape on the market.  This tape will never leave residue on your bars and depending on if you wrap it extra tight or simply snug you can control how much cushion your hands have.  Also since this tape is exactly the same on either side if it is starting to look a little worn you can take it off and let it rest a day and re-use the tape using the other side for a fresh look.

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