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February 06, 2019 2 min read

It's no secret that we get a kick out of color matching parts.  Whether the color scheme is a subdued mix of blacks or silvers, or something a bit more exotic, we take pride in our ability to track-down the parts that will work well together across multiple manufacturers.  When we can match parts from just one manufacturer though, we're even happier!

We've gotten some really beautiful red White Industries parts in recently and since we know that not everyone gets to see just how these parts look together, we wanted to show a couple of combinations. 

With the new Shimano XTR 9100 becoming more readily-available, we also wanted to remind everyone that White Industries has a driver that's compatible with Shimano's new Micro Spline cassettes, so you don't have to choose between color and the new XTR because you can get both!

Polished White Industries M30 Crankset with red extractor caps and Black TSR chainring, BSA Bottom bracket, and CLD hub with the new Micro Spline-compatible freehub body.

We really like the way White Industries cranksets tie in with other parts in a very subdued way with their colored extractor caps.  The addition of a colored bottom bracket is a great way to add just a bit more color to the center of the bike, but we've seen some great builds that used the bottom bracket to tie into the more subdued crank arm color, so there are lots of ways to get a great look.  Keep in mind that you could use a black crankarm and silver TSR chainring to completely change the way this combo looks too!   

White Industries' polished crank arms are mirrors, so they pick up the colors around them beautifully!

We're big fans of the centerlock rotor-mounting standard, and the low-flange hubs (such as the CLD) that it encourages, but for some bikes, the high flange XMR hubs are just such a perfect fit! 

White Industries XMR hubs with BSA bottom bracket.
XMR hubs, M30 crankset, and BSA bottom bracket.


Next time you're looking for a way to pull your bike together with color, let us know what you're looking for because chances are that we'll be able to help you get the look you want!

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