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October 17, 2018 1 min read

The new Paul Component Engineering Flat Mount Klampers are here

Paul has been synonymous with the best you can buy in rim brakes for over 20 years, but until the introduction of the Klamper, riders who used disc brakes were left out it in the cold if they wanted a high-quality, US-Made brake for their bike. 

Since their introduction in 2015, Paul Klamper disc brake calipers have set the standard for quality, US designed and manufactured cable-actuated disc brakes, but until now they've only been available to fit post or I.S. mounts.  Given the increasing use of the flat mount standard, this has meant that more and more riders with gravel or road bikes, for whom the Klampers would be a perfect fit (not to mention a classy accent for their bike!), have either had to look for a frame and fork built around the I.S. or Post mount standards, or simply use a lower-quality brake.

But now the wait is over! Available in a short-pull (for Sram/Shimano drop-bar and other short pull levers) or Campagnolo-pull configuration, in the usual range of black and silver with either matching or orange accents, these easily adjustable, fully serviceable, and rebuild-able brakes don't just look amazing: they've got great power and modulation and are built to last!

We're really excited to be able to offer these, so let us know if you have any questions about which will work best on your bike!  You can get yours here, and as always, just let us know if you need any help figuring out which configuration will work best with your bike!