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November 28, 2018 1 min read

A month or so ago a customer bought some shiny bits from White Industries, Phil Wood, and Chris King to finish out his special folding bike build.  Now we've got photos of the finished bike, and we're pretty impressed!

This bike uses White Industries' beautiful VBC Square Taper cranks and matching big ring with a Phil Wood Square Taper bottom bracket, so this rider will be able to just ride his bike day after day without worrying about his bottom bracket going bad!

The parts that he's chosen for this build are perfect because they not only give the bike the look he's going for, but they're all durable enough to last a lifetime! From the Chris King 2Nut Headset to the Phil Wood Brompton front hub and Square Taper bottom bracket, and Paul Components Polished Canti Levers these parts blend durability with good looks, and really are perfect for the bike that you just want to ride for a long time!

We just love the details on this bike, so take a look at the rest of the photos below

As always, if you're working on a Blink Build, we'd love to hear from you!