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April 08, 2019 1 min read

With all of the bottom bracket standards these days, it can be hard to figure out what will work with your bike and crankset, and once you do figure it out, you don't always have a lot of options.  This is where White Industries comes in: with their BSA and T47 bottom brackets, there are options for 24mm (Shimano Hollowtech 2), 28.99mm (Sram DUB), and 30mm spindles, so if you have one of these two common threaded standards, you'll have no trouble getting a quality bottom bracket to fit whatever cranks you have.  On top of that, all of White Industries' BSA bottom brackets are available in their full range of colors! 

From left to right: BSA 24mm, BSA DUB, BSA 30

All White Industries bottom brackets us replaceable Enduro sealed cartridge bearings, complete with an extra seal on the outside (in these photos, that's the orange or blue part, depending on the bearing).  This seal is easy to remove, clean, and lubricate, which means that keeping your bearings in great shape is a cinch.  On top of that, all of the bottom brackets use precisely-sized bearings that match the diameter of the spindle for which they're designed.  Many other manufacturers tend to use bearings that have a plastic inner sleeve where they contact the spindle, and while that seems to work fine, we like the solidity of a metal-on-metal contact that these have.

Here you can see the metal inner race of each bearing.

If you have any questions about compatibility with your frame or crankset, feel free to get in touch