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May 28, 2021 2 min read

This coming Monday May 31st is Memorial Day here in the USA, so to celebrate we have some deals on a bunch of products here at AVT, plus some brand new products. Check em out below!

Welcome To SUPACAZ.

Brand new to AVT is SUPACAZ, makers of some of the bling-est bar tape and bottle cages on the market. Check out the range here and get matched up with their Purple, Pink and Red cages with your favorite White Industries and Chris King parts.

12% Off SUPACAZ using code: SUPA12

Another Welcome to REVEL Wheels.

Also brand new to AVT! We're excited about these carbon Enduro / All Mountain hoops, not only made-in-USA, but the only sustainable rim option out there right now. Save your old rims from ending up in landfill as these ones are 100% recyclable when you're done with them. 

SAVE $200 on White Industries CLD Build. (no code needed).

PROMO Garmin & Oakley.

Grab a deal on a new Garmin computer or pair of OAKLEYS. 

Click here to see promo pricing on Garmins.

Click here to see promo pricing on Oakleys.


PROMO Select Maintenance Products, Tools, Lubes, Greases.

Keep your bike running smoothly with some deals on bundles of Chris King greases, Phil Wood Grease Guns, SILCA Tools and more.

Check out eligible products here, 12% off using code: TOOLEDUP

PROMO Save $300 on Race Face / White Industries 27.5" Enduro Wheelset.

Ready to build set of wheels using Race Face 35 rims laced to black White Industries CLD hubs. Beat the long lead times as these parts are in stock and ready to roll in under 2 weeks.

White Industries M/G30 Cranks - BLACK/170mm BACK IN STOCK!

By far the most popular size and color of White Industries top selling Gravel / Mountain crankset are back in stock after a long wait. Grab em while they're hot!




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