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International Orders

At AVT we specialize in shipping worldwide and will ship the majority of product available on our website to anywhere in the world. This includes Chris king, White Industries, Phil Wood, Paul Components and more. There are however some restrictions for specific brands such as ENVE which we cannot ship outside of the USA. Please refer to specific product pages for any details on shipping restrictions. 

Shipping Options.

We offer a number of different shipping options to fit various price points and speed of shipment, so please consider these carefully when you check out. While we do use USPS First Class International to ship the vast majority of our international shipments this service does have some restrictions compared to other shipping options including the length of time it can take to reach various parts of the world, and the limited tracking available. While in 99% of shipments using USPS First Class International packages arrive in a timely manner without any delays, we do experience some cases of packages being held up by local postal services, or taking several weeks to reach their destination. 

Any hold ups related to local postal services that handle delivery of USPS packages to other countries are outside of our control and the responsibility of the customer to follow up with their local postal service. 

Delivery Time.

In general USPS First Class International will take 7-10 days to reach destinations such as Europe, Australia or Asia but this can vary greatly depending on the local postal service responsible for "last-mile" delivery. If you require your shipment faster please select one of our upgraded options from UPS or FedEx. 

The majority of domestic shipments using USPS First Class will take approx 3 days to West Coast destinations and 5 days to East Coast destinations. Selecting Priority Mail within the US will speed this up. 

Customs Delays & Duties.

Shipments can sometimes get held up due to international customs issues and these are outside of our control. Should your package be delayed by your local customs service, you will need to contact them to expedite it's delivery or pay any duties that are applicable.

Unless you specifically ask us, we will declare the value of the package with the full retail price, along with other information such as the material contents and origin of the products in the shipment. We do try to accommodate requests to mark the value down but this is not always possible, so please be prepared to pay any customs duties.

You (the customer) are responsible for any customs duties that are payable and refusal to do so will mean your package is returned to us. If this happens any additional fees for returning the package will be debited from your refund, and / or you will be liable for any additional fees to re-ship the package.