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December 11, 2018 2 min read

Most of the bikes in this series are brand new this year, but this is was built years ago!  Designed for, and built in the rocky, pine-covered landscape around Flagstaff, Arizona, this 29er was built to be able to handle the constant barrage of rocks that have a tendency to wreck lesser frames, and the very technical terrain that they create, all while carrying plenty of water for those all-day adventures around the mountain and into the desert beyond.  While it can be set-up with gears by swapping out the rockers in the dropouts, this bike was designed first and foremost to be a single speed, and that's how it's spent most of its time!

The fact that it's still a top choice after many years (and some minor component changes) just highlights one of the great things about a single speed built with quality parts: it can last for years and years, and deliver great rides all along the way!  The Chris King ISO Single speed hubs, InSet 7 headset, and ThreadFit 24 bottom bracket have kept it running smoothly through thick mud and moon dust!  After all these years, the hubs feel like they're just getting started in their lives, the bottom bracket spins smoothly after many re-greasings, and the headset turns smoothly, just like a headset should!  

All in all, this bike is and has been what every single speed hopes to be: simple and effective at delivering a great ride without having to worry too much about breaking anything on the bike.  It's a rippin' good time!







 For more photos over it's lifetime, you can check out @theramblebeacon on Instagram.