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December 10, 2018 2 min read

The Chris King Open House a few months back give us plenty to salivate on as far as exotic custom builds from some of the countries top frame builders. Though maybe not the flashiest of builds on show this custom rig from Co Motion stood out for us and deserves a spot in our listing of 12 Bling Builds For Xmas. Here's why...

I know the folks at Co Motion pretty well from working on some frame projects with them in the past, they are only a few hours up I5 from us in Eugene. They fly under the radar a little bit compared to some frame shops in Portland, but for those that know them well.. their reputation is stellar when it comes to designing, machining and engineering complex parts in house.

Head Machinist Billy Truelove is the man responsible for many of these special projects; everything from Tandem dropouts, belt drive systems, Pinion gearboxes and more. So I wasn't really surprised to hear that this custom rig was something Billy had designed and conceived for himself. Billy built this Pinion equipped belt drive road / light gravel bike for his daily riding and training around Eugene. While it may look very "workmanlike" thanks to the Pinion system and belt drive there is still some considerable bling beneath the surface.

This frame which is a variation on the Co Motion Klatch CX frame uses a carbon seat mast to save weight, matched to a welded Vari-wall steel frame with custom Stainless steel dropouts, carbon fork, Chris King headset & hubs and finished off with the superlight, versatile ENVE G23 gravel wheels. The only thing I'm left asking for such an Oregon designed bike: where are the color matched fenders to get through the Eugene winter?! 

Photo Credits:

The Radavist.

Bike Portland.