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June 12, 2019 1 min read


Lots of riders come to us looking for a complete color-matched kit, and we're always happy to help.  In this case, a customer knew who made what, and was able to get the parts he needed without any input from us, but if you are wondering if there's something available to match a color, just ask!  In this case, the goal was a matched crankset, bottom bracket, headset, and seatpost clamp.  White Industries R30 crankset with purple extractor caps are a great way to tie in with the rest of the color scheme without the bike looking over-the-top.  While Phil Wood has made purple BSA bottom brackets in the past, they don't yet have a bottom bracket for 30mm spindles, so the purple White Industries BSA bottom bracket was a no-brainer. but the customer wanted to go with one of Phil Wood's beautiful purple threadless headsets, and got the last of the current batch of purple for that and the matching Phil Wood Seatpost clamp.

If you have a particular part that you'd like to build a group around, let us know, and we'll help you figure out what else is available to match. We love helping riders get the exact look they're after, so let's get started on yours!