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June 12, 2019 1 min read

A perfect collaboration

Titanium King Cages need no introduction: they're just the most durable, simple, and lightweight bottle cages on the market.  It's little wonder, then, that Wolf Tooth wanted to collaborate with Ron and company to make their adjustable Morse Cage.  The Morse Cage is essentially a standard bottle cage with the ability to move it up or down by up to 1.25", and while that may not sound all that groundbreaking, it can be incredibly useful.  The adjustment can make all of the difference on a frame with limited bottle clearance (such as a small frame or many full-suspension bikes), and it also just gives you the ability to fine-tune where exactly your water bottles sit on the frame.  The latter point can determine whether you're able to run a large water bottle on a frame with bosses that aren't positioned in the ideal location.

Wolf Tooth Titanium Morse Cage from the highest position (far left), to the lowest (far right).

The Morse Titanium Cages are a great example of a small, but important improvement on a part that we already love.  You may not need them, and in that case, the standard Titanium King Cage is still a great way to go (it's 4g lighter-weight, and $10 less-expensive after all); but if a little bit of adjustability would improve your riding experience, the Morse Cage is well worth it.  We think it's a really useful and thoughtful part that makes a big difference where it's needed, so we're glad that it exists.

Morse cage in lowest position (left), and highest (right)