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January 23, 2024 5 min read

Embark on a journey into the world of frame builder Fred Cuthbert, the visionary mind behind Wolfhound Cycles. With over two decades of dedicated experience in crafting bicycle frames, Fred's passion for fabrication and a unique blend of interests have driven him to create masterpieces that seamlessly weave together craftsmanship, artistry, design, fitness, adrenaline, and simple transportation. In this exclusive interview, Fred shares insights into his intricate frame building process, signature techniques, memorable builds, and the challenges he faces as a dedicated artisan.

How long have you been building frames and what inspired you to start?

For over two decades, I've dedicated myself to the art of crafting bike frames. My journey into frame building was sparked by a deep-seated love for fabrication and a desire to merge various elements into a singular creative outlet. The inspiration to embark on this venture arises from my fascination with combining craftsmanship, artistry, design, fitness, adrenaline, and simple transportation – all seamlessly woven into intricate bicycle creation. It's the perfect melding of my diverse interests, allowing me to express my skills and creativity in a unique and fulfilling way.

Can you briefly describe your frame building process? 

At the heart of my craft lies a commitment to tailoring each bike to the specific needs and preferences of its rider. When the project aligns with popular applications, such as crafting Gravel bikes or Mountain bikes, I often undertake a small batch of 3-5 frames, allowing me to extend the advantage of slightly reduced prices to my clients.

I build custom steel bicycle frames with a fillet-brazed construction. Fillet-brazing is a technique to join steel bicycle tubes that relies on a so-called filler metal.This technique holds a special place in my approach due to its remarkable benefits. This age-old method, characterized by its lower heat application, enables the seamless joining of tubes without compromising the integrity of the steel. It's a fascinating process that not only endures the test of time but also triumphs in both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

What sets my work apart is the meticulous attention given to the fillet-brazing process. After the initial bonding, I take the extra step of filing the brass fillets. This intricate step results in a flawlessly smooth joint that virtually disappears beneath the final finish. This commitment to detail ensures that each frame not only performs exceptionally but also exudes a level of craftsmanship that stands out in the final product. 

Are there any unique or signature techniques you incorporate into your frames?

Throughout my years in frame building, I've honed several distinctive techniques that set my work apart. Among my standout signatures are the graceful curves, with a particular emphasis on the mountain bike seat stays, adding both form and function.

One of the most noteworthy innovations is the split seat tube, born out of necessity in the era before dropper seat posts were well developed. While a labor-intensive option, its popularity endures due to its undeniable aesthetic appeal. Clients consistently request this feature, recognizing its unique charm.

The Wolfhound frames bear additional hallmarks of craftsmanship, such as hand-carved lug work, custom brake mounts, and my signature single-speed drop-outs. For enthusiasts of belt drive systems, I offer a distinctive frame splitter. This design conceals the separation point behind the drive ring in a one-sided yoke, catering to those seeking both performance and a visually appealing build.

Are there any notable or memorable builds you’ve worked on that stand out? 

Definitely, I've had a few. The most challenging have been the "extreme" one-offs where I'm challenged to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship, challenging me to innovate and combine curves in novel ways. Each of these distinctive creations represents a testament to my dedication to pushing the limits of design and creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces. 

What are some of the challenges you face as a frame builder? 

As a dedicated frame builder, I grapple with several challenges that contribute to the intricacies of my craft. The increasing costs of materials and services pose a consistent hurdle, especially with components like headsets, bottom brackets, axle spacing, brake mounts, and derailleur mounts. Adapting to the evolving landscape of these elements requires constant innovation and resourcefulness.

Additionally, the competitive dynamics within the industry present a unique set of obstacles. Matching the price points of large bike companies offering high-tech products requires a delicate balance of quality craftsmanship and cost-effectiveness.

On a more personal note, the physical toll of extensive finish work is undeniable. I've experienced tennis elbow from the demanding nature of this meticulous process. Despite the physical challenges, it's a testament to the hands-on craftsmanship invested in each frame.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your work?

Undoubtedly the most rewarding aspect of my work is a happy customer who is genuinely excited about their bike. Beyond that, the joy of personally riding bikes I've designed and crafted adds an extra layer of fulfillment to my work. 

The camaraderie established with fellow builders and anyone who appreciates the artistry and skill involved in frame crafting is exceptionally rewarding. This shared appreciation for the craft creates a community that enhances the overall experience and passion for what I do.

What are your goals or aspirations for the future of your brand? 

Looking ahead, my primary objective is to cultivate enthusiasm for handmade bicycles produced in small batches. I envision crafting products infused with the utmost personal care, assembled with a 'blue-collar' build kit, and available in a price range of $4000 - $6000. While this presents a considerable challenge, particularly within the custom bike industry, where this price range is often deemed entry-level for a complete bike, my aim is to establish the value of artisanal craftsmanship. In a market where larger companies can provide sophisticated full-suspension mountain bikes at a comparable cost, my vision is to emphasize the unique attributes of a handmade bicycle. 

Are there any new technologies or trends in frame building that excite you?

My recent explorations have led me to discover innovative software programs designed for developing full suspension bikes. While these tools have been available for some time, my newfound engagement with them brings an exciting dimension to my craft. The potential for enhanced design capabilities and precision in crafting full suspension frames opens up new avenues for creativity and performance.

I've also noticed a growing trend among small builders venturing into their own CNC work, reflecting a shift towards increased self-sufficiency within the industry. The advancements in 3D printing further contribute to the evolving landscape of frame building. Keeping a keen eye on these technological developments is crucial for staying at the forefront of the craft.

Fred's dedication to tailoring each bike to the rider's needs, his innovative use of fillet-brazing, and the distinctive signatures like split seat tubes and hand-carved lug work, set his creations apart in the world of custom bike building. The challenges he faces, from rising material costs to the demanding nature of finish work, only underscore the level of commitment invested in every frame. We thank Fred for sharing his time and passion and look forward to continuing to follow his bike journey. 

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