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January 12, 2024 3 min read

In the ever-evolving realm of cycling, road, gravel and mountain bikers are constantly on the lookout for components that not only perform exceptionally but also redefine the riding experience. Industry Nine is a brand that stands as a beacon of innovation and precision in the world of bike components. Keep reading below to learn what sets Industry Nine apart from the crowd.


Precision Redefined:

At the core of Industry Nine's ethos is an unwavering commitment to precision engineering. Every component, from hubs to spokes, is a testament to their meticulous attention to detail. Unlike many other bike parts brands, Industry Nine's precision doesn't just improve performance; it becomes a defining factor that sets them apart in terms of durability, reliability, and an unmatched riding feel.


Unleashing the Power of Hydra:

Industry Nine's commitment to innovation takes center stage with the Hydra hub, setting a new benchmark in engagement and durability. Boasting an impressive 690 points of engagement, the Hydra hub outshines its predecessors by utilizing a 115-tooth drivering and a continuous phasing mechanism for its six pawls. This groundbreaking design not only ensures instantaneous engagement but also enhances durability by distributing torque over multiple points. Unlike traditional pawl-driven hubs, Hydra's unique construction leverages inherent flex to prevent single-pawl loading, reducing wear on the freehub, axle, and bearings over time. The result is a hub that not only responds with scalpel-like precision to pedalling inputs on the trail but also minimizes noise and drag, offering riders an unparalleled riding experience.

 Industry Nine


Local Craftsmanship and Nimble Innovation:

What truly sets Industry Nine apart is its commitment to being locally made in Asheville, NC. This means more than just a point of pride; it's a strategic advantage. Being close to the pulse of innovation allows Industry Nine to be nimble and adapt swiftly to changes within the industry. Unlike brands dependent on shipments from overseas, Industry Nine can experiment, iterate, and implement changes quickly – all under the same roof. This agility not only keeps them at the forefront of industry trends but also ensures that riders receive cutting-edge components without the wait.


Cutting-Edge Materials for Ultimate Performance:

Industry Nine doesn't just follow industry trends; they set them. By consistently incorporating cutting-edge materials like lightweight alloys and advanced carbon fiber into their components, the brand ensures that their products aren't just high-performing but also at the forefront of technological innovation. This commitment to using the best materials sets Industry Nine apart in the competitive landscape of bike parts.


Customization Unleashed:

Recognizing that every cyclist has a unique style and preference, Industry Nine takes customization to new heights. With a wide array of colors, spoke counts, and configurations available, riders can tailor their components to match their personality and bike aesthetics. This level of personalization is a feature that stands out, especially in comparison to brands offering more limited choices.


Revolutionary Wheel Technology:

Industry Nine isn’t satisfied with the status quo, evident in their continuous pursuit of revolutionary wheel technology. From proprietary rim profiles to innovative spoke designs and tubeless systems, Industry Nine components aren't just accessories; they are technological marvels that enhance the overall riding experience.


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Unrivalled Durability and Warranty:

While performance is paramount, Industry Nine understands the importance of durability. Backed by a robust warranty policy, their products instill confidence in riders, standing as a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to quality. In a market where not all warranties are created equal, Industry Nine's dedication to customer satisfaction is a significant differentiator.


Championing Diversity Through Athlete Collaboration:

Industry Nine's athlete sponsorship program goes beyond traditional brand ambassadorships, fostering a dynamic collaboration with a diverse group of riders, including Brandon Semenuk, Hannah Bergeman, Yoann Barelli, Vaea Verbeeck, Jay Petervary and many more. By supporting athletes from various cycling disciplines, backgrounds, and experiences, Industry Nine gains invaluable insights into the real-world performance of its components. These athletes become integral partners, offering honest feedback that serves as the foundation for continuous product improvement. The brand's commitment to inclusivity not only reflects the diversity within the cycling community but also ensures that their components are rigorously tested in a range of conditions. This collaborative ethos creates a symbiotic relationship where Industry Nine and its sponsored athletes work together to push the boundaries of cycling innovation.


As we conclude our exploration into what makes Industry Nine a brand apart, it's evident that they go beyond creating bike components – they engineer experiences. The precision, innovation, customization, and durability offered by Industry Nine redefine the standards in the cycling world. For those seeking more than just bike parts, Industry Nine is an invitation to elevate your ride and embrace excellence. The road is calling, and Industry Nine is here to redefine your cycling journey.

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