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January 02, 2024 2 min read

When it comes to embarking on a cycling journey that promises both reliability and performance, the choice of your wheelset plays a pivotal role. The combination of White Industries CLD hubs and Velocity Aileron rims forms a dynamic duo that can conquer any terrain. These components are meticulously designed to offer cyclists an unmatched blend of strength, lightweight construction, and aerodynamics. 


White Industries CLD Hubs: A Hub of Possibilities

The foundation of any high-quality wheelset lies in its hubs, and  White Industries CLD hubs set the gold standard. What makes them truly exceptional is their ability to cater to a wide range of riding styles. Whether you're a road warrior, gravel grinder, or even an occasional cyclocross enthusiast, these hubs have you covered.

One of the standout features of White Industries hubs is their responsible lightness without sacrificing strength. The hubs strike the perfect balance, ensuring you can climb those daunting hills and navigate challenging terrains with ease. Light hubs translate into enhanced acceleration and reduced overall weight, which is a boon for any cyclist looking to up their game.

But the true marvel of White Industries hubs is their freehub design. Recognized for their incredibly low drag, they minimize the effort required to maintain momentum. This may not seem significant during short rides, but over the course of long, grueling days in the saddle, the savings in energy become noticeable. You'll find yourself conquering greater distances with less fatigue, which is a true game-changer for anyone who loves the open road.


Velocity Aileron: A Rim for All Occasions

While White Industries hubs offer a sturdy and efficient core, the  Velocity Aileron rims take care of the aerodynamic and tire versatility aspects of your wheelset. These 650b rims, available in a 28-hole configuration, provide a balanced combination of strength, lightweight construction, and aerodynamic efficiency.

The Aileron rims feature a 20mm internal width and a 25mm external width, making them well-suited for a wide range of tire sizes, from nimble 25mm road tires to beefy 47mm gravel treads. This versatility ensures that your wheelset can adapt to various riding disciplines, from fast-paced road cycling to rugged off-road adventures. It's like having a single set of wheels that can transform to suit your every need, saving you the hassle of constantly switching between different wheelsets.

The Numbers Don't Lie: Lightweight and Reliable

For those who appreciate the figures, the complete wheelset, including the White Industries CLD hubs and Velocity Aileron rims, comes in at a competitive 1680 grams. This weight is an excellent indicator of the dedication to combining strength and lightweight construction, making it a clear winner for riders looking to maximize their performance.

The White Industries CLD hubs paired with the Velocity Aileron rims is a wheelset that caters to the needs of a broad spectrum of cyclists. Whether you're racing against the clock on smooth roads or tackling rugged terrains, these components have what it takes to elevate your cycling experience. 



  • Hubs: White Industries CLD, 28h, Gold Anodize 
  • Rims: Velocity Aileron 650b, 28h, 20mm Internal, 25mm External
  • Spokes: Sapim Race double butted 
  • Nipples: PolyAx brass 
  • Weight: 1680g


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