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February 11, 2021 1 min read

We've said it before, but why not just say it again: after decades of black wheels taking the top spot on the podium of desirability, it's just really cool to see more silver options that blend modern technology with classic looks. 

White Industries CLD / Aileron wheelset

This wheelset is a perfect example of that union: White Industries superb CLD hubs have super low-drag sealed cartridge bearings; they accommodate a wide range of axle standards; they have a sweet-sounding, durable, and easily-serviceable freehub; and their titanium freehub bodies are not only the perfect balance of light-weight and durability, but they're also available in all of the current cassette standards.  Velocity's Aileron rims also strike a great balance of modern amenities like tubeless readiness, a medium-shallow aero profile that rides the line between light-weight and aerodynamic efficiency.  To top it all off, both the hubs and rims are made in the USA!

Put together, these make for a super-solid all-around wheelset that is ready for whatever kind of drop-bar ride you might want.

Velocity Aileron rims

White Industries CLD rear hub


What's your ideal wheelset look like?  Want to get it started?  Check out our Custom Wheels Page to get your started today.

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To give you a better idea of some specific products we have in stock that might be difficult to find deep within our site, we'll be updating this blog post each week with an overview of some in-stock products you might have missed.

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