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Chris King Bottom Bracket Conversion Kits

All Chris King Bottom Brackets require a fit kit based on the crank used. Chris King have recently streamlined their product offering of these so it's much simpler to navigate. There are now just 6 Fit Kits:

Fit Kit #1 - DUB A (Mountain)

Fit Kit #2 - DUB B (Road)

Fit Kit #3 - Threadfit 30

Fit Kit #4 - Threadfit 24 & Threadfit T47 24x / 24i

Fit Kit #5 - Threadfit T47 30x / 30i

Fit Kit #6 - GXP

We do still have stock of the older fit kits which are listed here, these all still work for both current BB's and older discontinued ones (like PressFit).